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Track Your Baby's Development Week By Week
Track Your Baby's Development Week By Week
..where little means a lot

Note: The length, weight and size mentioned below are only a guideline, as these vary from baby to baby and from one pregnancy to another.

What is going on with your baby during week 25?

  • From crown to rump your baby measures at 9 inches, and weighs about 1¼ pounds.
  • Your baby can touch and hold her feet.
  • Her nostrils which have been plugged open up now.
  • Baby is beginning to explore her environment and structures inside the uterus

Week 25 Fetus

Changes in you at this stage Week 25

  • You are now in your third trimester - with this comes fatigue, dizziness and trips to the washroom.
  • Your uterus is now the size of a soccer ball with your ribs and diaphragm and stomach all compressed. This compression causes you to feel full after eating just a little food.
  • With the weight gain chances for developing hemorrhoids rises.
  • You may have cramps in your calves, back and tailbone as your ligaments softens.
  • Your lung capacity is continuing to increase this month - this change allows your blood to carry oxygen in and carbon dioxide out at an increased rate. Breathing slightly faster and experiencing some shortness of breath can be expected

Good to Know in Week 25


  • According to a bra manufacturer about 70% of all women don't have the right sized bra.
  • During sex be sure to move your legs around a lot or you might end up with a leg cramp.
  • Just like stretch marks, varicose veins are genetic.
  • Purplish or red veins on legs or abdomen which are painless, thin and spider-looking are spider veins; they usually disappear after birth. Varicose on the other hand bulge and appear as thick blue veins beneath the skin mostly on the legs. The biggest difference is varicose can be quite painful during pregnancy
  • High inside the gums, your baby's permanent teeth are forming in buds. These adult teeth won't descend until the baby teeth fall out at about age 6.
  • You may continue to have an increased vaginal discharge.

Your Breasts

  • A pregnant woman's breasts contain many complex components: a network of nerves that respond to baby's suckling; fatty tissue that protects breasts from injury; glandular tissue; milk ducts that convert proteins and fats from blood into milk and ducts that delivery the milk to the nipples.

Wholesome Advice in Week 25

  • There isn't much you can do to prevent varicose veins other than avoid prolonged standing or lifting, wearing supportive stockings, putting your legs up whenever you can and going for short walks to aid in circulation.
  • Now is a good time to be walking, swimming and practicing yoga but avoid weightlifting or any exercises that might injure your softened ligaments.

Your actions can impact your baby's growth at this stage

Sun Protection Lotions

  • Sunscreen is safe to use during pregnancy. Pick one that is PABA-free since PABA is known to cause skin irritation in some people.
  • Sunless tanners are also considered safe but not a very good idea right now. Since skin pigment changes are happening now and increased perspiration and oil production are also occurring at the same time, what you will end up with is a blotchy skin.

Third trimester Fatigue

  • Fatigue and dizziness return in this trimester and unlike first trimester fatigue, this time round you will feel sluggishness because you are not well-rested and are now lugging around 20 odd pounds. Your growing baby is adding more pressure on major blood vessels making less oxygen available to your brains.
  • If you have been exercising your body will be better equipped to handle the extra weight. However even the fittest mum can expect to feel the lethargy because of nights of poor sleep. So sleep whenever you can, avoid standing up too quickly, avoid lying on your back when resting and avoid becoming overheated.
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Common Concerns in in Week 25

I have my legs waxed. Is this ok during pregnancy?

  • There isn't any risk to this procedure. Just be careful not to get overheated while having this done. Your body temperature should not be above 102F or 39C for more than 15 minutes.

What are the signs of placenta previa and how common is it? Are there things I should avoid if I know I have placenta previa?

  • It occurs in about 1 birth in 200. The most typical symptom is painless bleeding. It is advisable to avoid intercourse, travel and having a pelvic exam.

What will my doctor do if I have painless bleeding?

  • An ultrasound will be ordered to determine the location of the baby. Your doctor will not conduct a pelvic exam as this will cause heavier bleeding and it is recommended that that whoever examines you apart from your doctor is informed about your condition.

Weekly Nutrition advice in Week 25

  • Your nutritional needs should be met through the foods you eat. But this is a rather unrealistic demand for most women and therefore necessitates a daily prenatal vitamin dose.
  • Some women especially need to depend on these supplements - teenagers (whose bodies are not fully developed), underweight women, women who had a poor diet prior to conception and women who had multiples. Vegetarians, poor eaters, those who take certain medications, those who have an aversion to basics like milk need these supplements all the more.
  • Your doctor is the best judge to decide if you need supplements, if you need more in addition to your prenatal vitamins. Do not take any supplements without your doctor's OK.
  • You may find the same old healthy foods boring as you progress further into your pregnancy. To spice up your menu, here are some tips to help you along without the compromise.
  1. Whole wheat bagels, tortillas, or risotto are examples of complex carbohydrates that are rich in fiber, filling and a good source of energy
  2. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli contain nutrients that are different from the orange group of vegetables such as carrots and yam. Include both categories in your diet every day.
  3. Fruits and vegetables are good any time and are nutritious too. High in vitamins and minerals and low in calories - just what you need
  4. To control your sweet tooth, set yourself a limit - 100 calories of candy or chocolate a day. Read labels for a better idea
  5. For your salads, different types of lettuce have different nutrients to offer. The darker, the better. Iceberg lettuce has the most fiber while romaine and spinach are rich in Vitamin A and folic.
  6. To vary your menu yet further, know this:

3 cups of Popcorn = carbohydrates

2 tablespoons of peanut butter/¼ cup egg substitute = protein

½ cup spaghetti sauce = vegetable serving

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