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Incompetent Cervix in Week 24

This refers to painless premature dilatation of the cervix with the mother giving birth prematurely. Dilatation or stretching of the cervix goes unnoticed and happens without warning. Diagnosis is only possible after 1 or 2 pregnancies and not before. So if this is your first pregnancy, there is no way of telling you have this problem. The cause is unknown but some link has been made to D&C done for abortion or miscarriage, causing injury and surgery to the cervix. A pregnancy that is lost due to this problem is different from miscarriage. While miscarriage in the first trimester is common, incompetent cervix is rare. Treatment is usually surgery where the weak cervix is reinforced with a suture. If you have had incidence(s) of premature deliveries in the past, highlight this to your doctor.

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