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Faqs on Sleep for Newborn to 1 year

Faqs on Sleep for Newborn to 1 year

Second to food, sleep is the most important ingredient required in your baby's development. Good sleep makes happier babies! You can't stipulate how many hours your baby should sleep since every baby is different with his own set of needs and sleep patterns. Still, there is a range of sleeping habits you can expect at different ages of your child's growth. Apart from growth, babies need sleep to help in the processing of activities on a day-to-day basis and in developing vital brain functions.

Understanding the sleep pattern in Babies

How much sleep does a young baby need?

Why is it good for babies to sleep well from the very beginning?

Can you make your baby sleep?

Children know how much sleep they need and when to sleep. They do not need any such training as sleep is instinctive. Is this true?

Sleep is a natural tendency so why force a schedule on my baby?

It is distressing when I hear my baby cry.

What is a bedtime ritual?

My child has been sleeping well with the aid of the pacifier.

Eight months old and still wants her nighttime feed

My baby is a light sleeper. Is this a cause for concern?

Finally, a word on Baby Sleep Program

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