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Potty Training Hiccups & Tips

Potty Training Hiccups & Tips

Now that you have started on the training and are quite in the middle of it, the next steps on your agenda will probably be night time dryness and pooping in the hole and basically waiting for your child to be diaper-free for good. For some kids it doesn't take that long, meaning within a month of acquiring day time dryness. While for others it can stretch to 6 months and beyond. You will also notice that boys will take longer to train than girls. And as with potty training in the initial days, you cannot speed potty training in the later days. Sadly, your child continues to hold the reins.

How do I know my child is ready for night time Potty training?

Is there anything I can do to help in the process of night time training?

Why the numerous accidents? How do I deal without the anguish?

My son has achieved daytime dryness but why is he taking so long to stay dry in the nights? What can I do to speed up the process?

Now that my daughter of 28 months is more or less pee-trained, I think I should attempt training her on the number two. Any tips.

My son of three has problems using the toilet when we are out, but not at home. We are not sure how to go about dealing with this problem. Any outing, even to his grandparents becomes quite awkward, please advise.

I suspect my child is constipated, what are the tell-tale signs of constipation and how to prevent it?

I heard it is quite common to develop bladder infection. How can I tell if my child has it?

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