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Separation Anxiety - What it is and How to deal with it!

Separation Anxiety - What it is and How to deal with it!

Almost every child goes through separation anxiety (SA) during the first few years of life. When the most important element, which is YOU, is removed albeit temporarily from his world, his instinctive and rather predictable response will be plenty of tears and anguish while you as the parent suffers the frustration and heartache of knowing that your child is miserable.

What is separation anxiety?

Is there a typical time period for separation anxiety (SA)?

What causes separation anxiety?

Is separation anxiety (SA) normal? How do I know my child has it?

Some things that you do can increase or decrease your child's anxiety.

Keep separations to a minimum

Prepare your child on what's to come

Do not Rush or prolong the parting

Do not sneak away; stay cheerful when you leave

Leave your young toddler with familiar people

Final words on separation anxiety

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