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Second stage of Weaning. Common FAQs to help you through

Second stage of Weaning. Common FAQs to help you through

At this stage, babies should be having lumpier foods and some finger foods. Expect things to get messy as your baby may want to play with her food or even try to feed herself. Meals should contain something from the main food groups but not necessarily in one meal. Persevere even when your baby rejects certain foods.

Can I give my baby egg now?

Why do some babies vomit?

How much milk should my baby drink now?

Can I offer my child fruit juice with his meals everyday?

Can chicken be on baby's menu now?

What is the downside of using jar foods?

At what age can babies start eating fish?

What finger foods can baby take now?

My baby prefers jar food to home made food. What can I do?

What other dairy foods can baby take now apart from their regular milk?

How do you go about freezing and storing homemade food?

Is there such thing as drinking too much milk now that my baby is on solid food?

What are the foods that we should avoid giving to baby at this stage?

My baby gags often. What is wrong and how do I prevent this?

What should I introduce once my baby is eating pureed fruits and vegetables?

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