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Some C- Section Faqs to Help You Along

Some C- Section Faqs to Help You Along

Much as you hope and wish that cesarean will not happen to you, it is best to be prepared. Take in as much information as you can so that the prospect of undergoing a surgery will not be as daunting as it sounds. Also known as c-section or section this procedure is performed when vaginal delivery is not possible. Most importantly you have not failed if you have to deliver surgically.

What is an emergency cesarean and why is it performed?

What is an elective cesarean?

What are the advantages of having a planned cesarean?

How is the C- section procedure carried out?

Can cesarean be avoided and how?

There seems to be an increase in repeat cesareans, reasons for this?

Is the surgery painful? What are you likely to feel while in the operation theater

Why is there so much of controversy on c-sections? What the possible complications after having one?

What is the difference between the cesarean incision done during our mother's time and the current ones today?

Does it mean once I have a c-section I will not be able to deliver normally in my next pregnancy?

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