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Pregnancy Dictionary


When the hard part begins.


An excuse to hog, hog and hog your way through pregnancy.


One of those things a pregnant woman has to take her doctor's word for.


Fear of making it into the Guinness Book of World Records for "Most Stretch Marks."

First Trimester

The first three months of pregnancy when you wonder, "Is it too late to hire a surrogate mother?"

Maternity Clothes

What a pregnant woman wears to show people there's a reason she's fat.


1. The birth of a baby.

2. The fact that you lived to tell about it.

Pregnant Pause

The amount of time it takes for a nine-month pregnant woman to get out of a chair.


When your life was still your own.


Final effort to get a ten-pound baby through an opening the size of a dime.

Second Trimester

The time when you ask the question, "Will my husband notice if I eat this gallon of ice cream and the dish of biryani before he gets home?"

Third trimester

The final months of pregnancy when you wonder, "How much longer can I keep from waddling?"

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