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Why Hair Changes

Many find their hair thicker and glossier during pregnancy. The quality, quantity and texture of hair changes when you are pregnant. This is of course a bonus. Conversely, you may find yourself losing lots of strands and worry if baldness is around the corner.

Hair facts

  • Hair grows in cycles; it falls out and rests in phases. On average you lose 100 strands per day. During pregnancy the cycle speeds up so there is more hair fall but due to hormones you will also find hair growing back fast enough
  • However if you have thyroid, hair loss becomes a fact during pregnancy
  • After you have your baby, the resting phase begins. You will face hair loss which can sometimes last for up to 2 years in extreme cases. Whatever the time frame, you will not go bald as pregnancy does not cause baldness.
  • The hair that you are losing now at one go feels a lot; in actual fact this is an accumulated loss that would have happened throughout the course of nine months but is happening post delivery
  • Make sure you eat foods that are nutritionally beneficial
  • Thick hair may appear even thicker and difficult to manage during pregnancy. Choose a simple hair style that is perhaps shorter and which is easy to maintain. Using mild shampoos and treatments will help.

Hairier on other parts

  • Apart from the head hair, you will also see extra growth on your face viz upper lip, chin, cheeks which will be unsightly. This is again temporary and will go away after 3-6 months after baby's arrival. This growth is induced by the sex hormone, androgen. Not only facial hair, but you will also see growth on your breasts, stomach, arms and legs.
  • Hair removal techniques include tweezing, waxing and shaving. Steer clear of topical creams that promise slow growth, hair-removing lotions and bleaching agent that lighten the skin as there is no conclusive evidence suggesting they are safe

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