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Why Headaches

Though headaches are a part of life, pregnancy headaches cannot be solved by popping painkillers. Pregnancy is a time when you have to look for alternatives to deal with this ache. If you used to have tension headaches it is probable that it will persist during pregnancy. But if you had migraine attacks before, you might actually have fewer episodes and in some cases it disappears totally during pregnancy. The reverse can also be true, whereby now that you are pregnant you become more susceptible to headaches. Factors that cause you headaches during pregnancy:

  • hormones
  • tension
  • fatigue
  • diet
  • sinus congestion
  • eyestrain
  • depression
  • allergies
  • hunger and dehydration

If it has to be headache medicines then paracetamol is preferred over aspirin and ibuprofen; in fact the latter two should be avoided when you are pregnant. But you should also try other strategies:

  • Take breaks, especially if you are still working. Occasionally get away from your computer screen and get some fresh air
  • Make it a point to take cat naps or proper naps
  • Try cold compress for tension headaches; hold a damp cool cloth to your forehead or nape
  • Get your partner to massage your neck and shoulders and back
  • Apply warm compress around your eyes and nose for sinus headaches
  • Have a warm shower and wash your hair
  • Food. Eat something in small portions frequently, preferably a carbohydrate-based snack; sometimes headaches are caused when blood sugar drops
  • Water. Headaches can result because of dehydration
  • Exercise. Lack of physical activity increases the tendency for head pains. Nothing strenuous but some form of light exercise like walking or swimming helps
  • Incorporate some relaxation time into your schedule by practicing yoga, meditation to ease tension away
  • Finally get your vision checked, it could just be an eyesight thing; during pregnancy the change in eyeball shape causes lens to no longer be a proper fit or what you need is a pair of new glasses. You may probably have to discontinue using your contact lens for a while.

When your doctor should step in..

  • If your headache is accompanied by blurry vision or flashing lights, it could be migraine or the more severe preeclampsia
  • If headaches interfere with sleep
  • If the pain is unbearable
  • If the headaches are happening too frequently i.e. more than once a week

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