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Are herbal products safe to use during pregnancy?

Since there is very little hard facts supporting the disuse of herbal medicines during pregnancy and at the same time no full proof guarantee of its safety, doctors advise pregnant ladies to steer clear of herbal products. The following guidelines will help you decide on whether to stick on or heed your doctors advice.

• Discuss and inform your doctor on what you have been using so far: dose, duration, type and form (i.e. infusion, capsule, tincture etc)

• Avoid using them in the first trimester. This is the time when baby's organs and tissues form so exposure to harmful substances may have devastating outcome

• If any of these products are known to stimulate the uterus, caution is warranted

• Be sure of the product you are using and not confuse it with a similar sounding name item and thereby causing more complications

• Avoid products with many herbs as it can be confusing to diagnose the cause to a particular reaction

• Do not blindly follow prescription on advice of a novice. Make sure the recommendation is coming from someone with the correct training and background

• Do not exceed the recommended dose as you will be placing you and your baby at risk

• Be aware of how these products interact with any other medications you are taking. Some combinations are injurious.
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