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How important is it that I take my prenatal vitamins?

Most doctors recommend women to take their vitamins simply because it is impossible to meet their body's demands for iron and folic acid through diet alone. Prenatal vitamin is different from the regular multivitamin because of the folic and iron content. These are the most important supplements for you during pregnancy. (The demand for these nutrients increases dramatically once you are pregnant.) 0.4 mg of folic acid is an important MUST. Although vitamins have its place, you cannot substitute good eating habits with it. Prenatal vitamins contain essential ingredients for the development of your baby and your continued good health. A typical prenatal vitamin contains:

• Calcium to build baby's teeth and bones and to help strengthen your own

• Copper to help prevent anemia

• Folic acid to reduce the risk of neural-tube defects and toe help in blood-cell production

• Iodine to help control metabolism

• Iron to prevent anemia and to help baby's blood development

• Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, for general health and body metabolism

• Vitamin B12 for blood formation

• Vitamin C to aid in your body's absorption of iron

• Vitamin D to strengthen baby's bones and teeth and to help you use phosphorous and calcium

• Vitamin E for general health and body metabolism

• Zinc to help balance fluids in your body and to aid nerve and muscle function
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