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Pregnancy Fears

Pregnancy fears' what every woman can do about it

Some fears during pregnancy will center on mother's health and the birth of a healthy baby. Some women will also introspect a lot, wondering if motherhood is indeed the right step. But mostly women will harbor fears and anxieties connected to giving birth, especially upon entering the third trimester. It is important to remember that because it is fear of the unknown and not some deep-seated conflict, there are things you can do to keep your fears under control.


  • # 1 something is wrong with your baby First realize that a very high percentage of babies are born healthy and perfect, and the odds of going right or in your favor are lofty. If you have concerns, appease them by discussing with your doctor about ultrasound, amniocentesis, or alpha fetal protein test; these tests can assure you that your baby is just fine.
  • # 2 pain during childbirth Your doctor is the right person to ease your fear by dispensing information on new pain relief options, which are safe. Do some homework on cesarean section deliveries, so that in the event this becomes necessary, you won't feel confused and anxious at the eleventh hour.
  • # 3 not being a good mother Recognize this as a very common problem, especially if you yourself did not enjoy a good relationship with your mother. Realize that much of this knowledge will come naturally to you once your baby is with you, and the knowledge will only widen with time. In the meantime read books, seek advice from other mothers so you know what to expect.
  • # 4 miscarriage This fear is very common in first-time mothers as well as experienced mothers. It is especially prevalent during the first trimester when the fear of pregnancy going wrong is high. Eating right and exercising helps keep you strong and in good spirits. Recognize that guilt is the main precipitator of fear, so on your part make sure you live a lifestyle in which you don't drink, smoke or use drugs.
  • # 5 having your baby at the most unexpected place These episodes make headlines because they happen very infrequently. For most women, particularly first time pregnancy, labor pains will be very recognizable and tangible. It is not something that is going to creep up on you unexpectedly. You should familiarize yourself on stages of labor ' what comes first and the signs you can expect ' to better prepare yourself. Be mentally ready on who you going to call, how you will get to the hospital, and have backups just in case.
  • # 6 embarrassment during delivery Remember that doctors and delivery staff have seen it all before. Nothing in the way you behave is going to surprise them. That said, stop believing those horror stories from neighbors, friends and relatives. The truth is, the likelihood of something embarrassing happening to you is, very minute.
  • # 7 loss of intimacy with your partner Discuss your feelings with your partner, about inadequacies, insecurities and not feeling confident about your appearance. Your partner may just surprise you with what he feels about you, how attractive he may think you are. Talk to your partner if you don't feel like having sex; your hormones are going to affect you temporarily. Be sure to convey these sentiments to your partner and make sure he understands where you are coming from
  • # 8 losing your figure A fear of figure flaws may seem very shallow to many women in comparison to the other fears. In the third trimester don't be surprised if this fear pays you a visit. Your size may overwhelm you in the final days; your uncertainty over losing weight post pregnancy will seem very real especially if you had weight issues before becoming pregnant. Take good dietary control of your pregnancy right from the start. Exercising during pregnancy will also ensure weight loss more easily after the baby is born. Your food habits and physical activity can help prevent this fear from controlling you.

No one can predict nor guarantee you a smooth pregnancy. It is important to understand that most pregnancies turn out just fine. It is also important to accept your life is going to change tremendously. Most importantly you are not alone in your fear; most women experience some fear, anxiety, and stress during pregnancy. If the fear goes out of hand, a visit to the doctor's office is necessary. The essential thing is to not dwell on your feelings alone; all you may need are some reassuring words to quell those fears.

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