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Sometimes when I roll over I feel this ripping sensation in my abdomen. Is this normal?

This sounds like round ligament pain - the shooting pain in the lower abdomen that many women experience when they change position suddenly. It is caused by the sudden stretching of the ligaments and muscles that support the expanding uterus. It tends to be worse between weeks 14 and 20 when the uterus is big enough to exert its pressure on the ligaments yet not big enough to rest some of its weight on the pelvic bones. You can manage the pain by moving slowly and supporting your belly when you are changing positions. If you experience tenderness after moving too quickly one day, warm baths can also help to ease some of the discomfort. Round ligament pain can be very painful but this too is temporary.
What causes vaginal discharge to increase during pregnancy?

The hormonal changes plus the increased blood flow results in an increased vaginal discharge during pregnancy. This secretion continues to increase right up to delivery time. To keep yourself clean and comfortable despite the added wetness, use cotton underwear or at least cotton crotch underwear, avoid tight-fitting pants and steer clear of perfumes and deodorant soaps. If the discharge is particularly abundant you may want to use sanitary pads.

Note: Tampons should not be used due to the possibility of toxic shock syndrome.
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