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How much should I spend on baby clothes?

Your budget and eagerness will be the determining factors here. You have to bear in mind all babies are different in terms of leaking diapers and baby spit ups. Are you ready to do laundry everyday since you are expected to change baby 3-6 times in a day? That will help you decide if you should stock up on clothes or wash clothes regularly. Some other tips to help you along:

• Don't buy too many newborn sized clothes; some babies are born large so they will outgrow this size fast enough. On the other hand if is not wise to totally skip this size as there is no way of predicting your newborn's size at birth. Keep at least a couple of newborn sized clothes for starters and arrange to have more through a relative should the need arise

• Keep the outfits simple. Omit the frills and fancy work

• Buy clothes with comfort in mind. Many baby outfits are designed with fashionably with little attention to comfort. Frills and zippers make an outfit uncomfortable for baby

• Instead of cute booties, opt for the practical stretch socks instead

• Stick to unisex colors while you can. This will prove to be a great saving when your next baby happens to be of the opposite sex

• Buy clothing as your baby needs them to avoid overbuying

• Don't buy too far ahead just because of some sale; it is hard to predict your baby's size a year from now. A bargain may just turn into a waste of money.
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