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I am not able to get good night's sleep and that is tiring me a lot. Any tips?

Here are some tips to help you cope with sleeping problems during pregnancy:

• Surround yourself with pillows; everyday pillows or oversized ones

• Keep your room temperature at comfortable level. If you are too warm you will find it difficult to relax and sleep

• Sleep on your side with your legs and knees bent. Tuck a pillow under your abdomen and another one between your knees. Tuck one underneath your hip to remove the pressure off your hip

• Don't exercise too close to bedtime as it may actually keep your awake

• Don't eat heavy meal within 2-3 hours of going to bed as this will cause your metabolism to go into overdrive

• Skip the midnight snack if heartburn and indigestion are causing you grief

• Stretch your calves to prevent middle of the night cramps

• Drink a cup of warm milk

• Have a warm bath

• Practice relaxation breathing in bed

• Go do something else rather than tossing and turning in bed. Hit the sack once again when you start to feel tired.
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