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Weighty Issues

Weight gained during your pregnancy isn't something you should take lightly. If you gain too much or too little you are going to harm yourself and your baby. The pounds you need to add all depends on your weight status when you become pregnant.

Recommended weight gain guideline when pregnant:

You weighed normal before pregnancy: Add 25 to 35 pounds during pregnancy.

You were overweight before pregnancy: Add 15 to 25 pounds during pregnancy.

You were underweight before pregnancy: Add 28 to 40 pounds during pregnancy (again depending on your pre-pregnancy weight).

You have a multiple pregnancy (twins, triplets or more): Check with your doctor. You will need to gain more weight during pregnancy depending on the number of babies you are carrying.

Consider the merits of keeping track of your weight:

  • Losing weight will be a lot easier after delivery.
  • Your body is more prepared for breastfeeding.
  • It helps protect the health of your baby and you.

What you can do:

Check with your health care provider to receive the proper guidance on weight matters, health and nutrition. If you are already pregnant and are overweight, do not try to diet.

The average baby can weigh anyway between 6 to 8 pounds. Here is rough breakdown of where the rest of the weight goes.

Approximate breakdown of a weight gain of 29 pounds
Blood 3 pounds
Breasts 2 pounds
Womb 2 pounds
Baby 7.5 pounds
Placenta 1.5 pounds
Amniotic fluid 2 pounds
Fat, protein & other nutrients 7 pounds
Retained water 4 pounds


Bottom line is a slow and steady weight gain is best. It is not an issue at which point you put on those kilos. The important thing is the overall weight you gain should be within the suitable range.

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