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Toys and Play (13 months old baby)

Fitting Toys in the Second Year

Toddlers love toys with several parts that they can fit together; toys that have separate parts - figures, blocks, shape-sorters etc - fit into a car, box or boat usually work well. A set of plastic donuts that fit on a spindle is a traditional toy that is worth buying at this age. These rings have other users - as teethers, tossers, and small toys for fill-and-dump games. Since your child will grow and learn rapidly in the first 3 years, toy choice should reflect his changing needs. Ensure they are nontoxic and safe for use. Some pointers to help you choose what is appropriate for your toddler:

• Toys that are simple are most versatile as they have longer life and are better for imaginative play.

• Toys with different colors, textures, shapes and noises will stimulate all five senses.

• Older babies enjoy games that involve building so bricks of different sizes are appropriate.

• As your child's manipulative skills grow, he will be able to manage interlocking blocks and more advanced shape sorters.

• Toys that help build small motor skills; nesting and stacking toys, simple wooden jigsaw puzzles with knobs, boxes and containers for filling and emptying

• Toys that build large motor skills; balls of all sizes, pull toys and push toys, riding toys, swings

• Toys that stimulate imagination; stuffed animals, dolls, cars, trucks, kitchen ware (play ones), play household items (telephones, cash registers)

• Toys that stimulate creativity: crayons and paper, play clay

• Toys that introduce child to the music world: drums, xylophones, simple key boards

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