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Separation Anxiety -
What it is and How to deal with it!
  What is separation anxiety?
  Is there a typical time period for separation anxiety (SA)?
  What causes separation anxiety?
  Is separation anxiety (SA) normal? How do I know my child has it?
  Some things that you do can increase or decrease your child's anxiety.
  ### 1) Keep separations to a minimum
  ### 2) Prepare your child on what's to come
  ### 3) Do not Rush or prolong the parting
  ### 4) Do not sneak away; stay cheerful when you leave
  ### 5) Leave your young toddler with familiar people
  Final words on separation anxiety

Separation Anxiety - Do not sneak away; stay cheerful when you leave

Sneaking away may seem the easy way out since you get to avoid the melt-downs, but it has bad repercussions in the long run. Your child will become clingier and not so trusting of you, and this can become a problem for you when you have to go out without her the next time. By tip-toeing away, you have created more worries and confusion in her mind. She is going to be thinking when you are going to disappear again without warning - not a very settling feeling for your young one.

Children pick up a lot of cues from your behavior. If you are tensed they will sense the tension and absorb it. This means she will become tensed too. So try and relax because that is what you will be dissipating. Not a sure-fire hit the first few times perhaps, but the message will catch on with your child and very soon your little one will be confident of your departures and will happily let you go.


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