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Dressing your baby

Keeping your baby comfortably dressed for the surrounding temperature is important. Babies cannot alter body temperatures quick enough to compensate for temperature changes around them so remove layers or add them as the temperature changes so as to guard against overdressing or underdressing.

Babies like strong vibrant colors so do not just buy soft pastels
when choosing clothes.

Enough layers?

Your baby is very sensitive to weather extremes. In general your baby will be comfortable in the same number of layers that you are wearing. But remember: he will get hot or cold a lot quicker than you would if the temperature changes. To make sure your baby is not feeling too warm feel the back of his neck or tummy - he should not feel too warm. Do not depend by touching his hands and feet as they are colder even when he is warm enough.

Take a complete change of clothes with you whenever you go out.

Lots of babies don't enjoy being dressed or undressed so make the procedure quick and easy. Choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Look for soft stretchy fabrics that are machine washable; all that dribbling and possetting and leaking diapers mean your baby's clothes have to withstand frequent washing. Until your baby is walking all she needs are socks or booties to keep her feet warm

The Winter months

When the temperature dips to 0°C or 32°F it is okay to take your baby outside in the first few weeks or months of life. However keep the outing short - it is better to go out twice for 30 minutes per session. Other tips include:

• Use your own comfort level as a guide to dressing your baby.

• Help prevent baby's skin against chapping by applying a thin layer of cream to baby's exposed parts and face.

• Cover exposed areas such as feet and hand with booties, mittens and a hat.

• In extreme cold, layer your baby well and end it with an appropriate sized snowsuit that comes with a hood.

• Take an extra blanket in case it gets chilly.

Don't buy newborn sizes but rather three months size clothes.

The Summer months

Your baby can become overheated easily in the summer months, in an overheated room if he is too warmly dressed. It is important to guard against overdressing since baby is able to keep her body temperature warm enough.

• Stick to natural fibers such as cotton as they let the skin breathe.

• You can check the back of baby's neck to see if he is too warmly dressed.

• Babies need to drink more than usual - offer baby an additional bottle of formula or breast milk.

• Take off hats, coats, extra clothes and blankets as soon you come into a warmer atmosphere even if baby is asleep.

• Never place baby under direct sunlight.

• If child becomes overheated he is bound to become listless and exhausted. Take baby to a cooler atmosphere at once; remove his clothes and fan him and give him a drink. Sponging him down with lukewarm water will also have a cooling effect. Inform your pediatrician if necessary.

Keep babies under 6 months out of the sun totally. Always use a sun hat on him (unless it is very warm) as he will lose a lot of heat from his head. Use a sunscreen SPF15 for babies over 6 months to help protect against harmful rays.

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