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Your Baby's Zodiac Sign

Imagining how your baby's going to turn out can be a fun part of parenting. There's no sure way to know what's in store but with a little help from the Zodiacs, the stars may give you an idea on your tot's talent and emerging personality..

Sign: Aries, The Ram

Mar 21 - April 19

Full of energy and enthusiasm, these children make great leaders. The Aries child is good at organizing others - guiding them what to do, what they should play and even how they should think! A natural born leader with loads of talent and aptitude, Arians are too aware of their caliber. Very independent, an Aries child fears nothing. She is creative and inspiring. On the downside she can be volatile and explosive especially when she doesn't get her way. The 'I want' attitude is especially dominant with this sign right from the start. The big positive is Aries children are viewed to be ahead of their time! Nurtured right without being overly pampered your Aries angel can turn out to be angelic - charming, fun-loving, and a delight to the parent.

Ruler - Mars

Element - Fire

Birthstone - Aquamarine

Lucky color - Deep red

Sign: Taurus, The Bull

April 20 - May 20

Patience combined with stubbornness sums up this little angel. The Taurus child is the most stubborn sign in the zodiac. Yet they are incredibly patient and persevere to the end to achieve what they want. As a result they often succeed where others fail. The Taurus kid is practical and cautious and very loyal to his friends. This earth child is careful in speech and action. Since they have fixed ideas about how things should be, you should encourage your Taurus child to explore his own creativity in areas that appeal to him e.g. art, music etc. They also benefit from physical activity and play. They can be loners, preferring the company of one or two friends to a group. Despite the strong stubborn streak and idealistic nature your Taurus kid is also full of charisma, charm and shows loyalty to those he loves.

Ruler - Venus

Element - Earth

Birthstone - Emerald

Lucky color - Yellow

Sign: Gemini, The Twins

May 21- June 21

Bright, witty, cute and full of imagination, the Gemini child is apt to be fidgety and restless even as a tot. Their personalities are marked by impatience and they bore very easily. Constant stimulation and an explorative environment is a must. They keep you on your toes once they start talking (which comes very early to them). Gemini children are inquisitive beings with a natural thirst for knowledge - they must know the reason for everything. They can be warm and sensitive one minute but can turn crafty and manipulative the next - their 'infamous' dual nature at work! Your Gemini child has difficulty completing tasks and needs encouragement and focus to see things through. Allow your Gemini child to explore and discover who she is and you have a happy child in your hands. Versatile, your Gemini kid can be incredibly impressive communicators.

Ruler - Mercury

Element - Air

Birthstone - Aquamarine

Lucky color - Yellow

Sign: Cancer, The Crab

June 22 - July 22

Sensitive and emotional children, the moon children are caring and considerate to others' needs. Moon children love to be noticed and yet can be shy. She is often dreamy and prefers TV or a book to group activity. When in the company of others, the Cancer kid will likely go along with the crowd. The Cancer child plays favorites and can be possessive of one parent over the other. It is better to ensure your cancer child gets equal time with both parents. At worse this child can be moody and on the flipside she can be all sweetness wrapped in one beautiful package. Young cancers appreciate praise and love their home and family.

Ruler - Moon

Element - Water

Birthstone - Ruby

Lucky color - Green

Sign: Leo, The Lion

July 23 - Aug 22

Loving and generous, the Leo child loves being the center of attention. Little Leos are full of energy and keep you on your feet all day. Leos are bossy by nature and love dictating what their friends can and cannot do but at the same time they are sensitive. This sensitive side stays mostly hidden unless you bother prying. Leo kids are generous and big-hearted and that makes them popular with others. They like being friends with anyone who's 'good' in their eyes. That can be a problem because they are not always right. They are very compassionate and get drawn to the underdogs, the stray animals which they often bring home. The Leo child tends to be fearless and is sure of himself - afraid of nothing, rebellious for the sake of and arrogant when it suits him. Yet one thing is for sure - life with the boisterous Leo kid is never boring!

Ruler - Sun

Element - Fire

Birthstone - Sardonyx

Lucky color - Orange

Sign: Virgo, The Maiden

Aug 23 - Sept 22

Virgo children are perfectionist by nature and mostly have keen, analytical minds. They possess boundless energy, and when they get passionate about something they gear their entire energy to that particular endeavor. Virgo kids like fixing things and solving problems. They get frustrated when they fail to understand something and only calm down when they have solved it. Little Virgos love to learn and are fast learners with a hardworking streak and a thirst for knowledge. The Virgo child is meticulous with details, methodical and possesses a critical eye - as toddlers they will appreciate puzzles. They are perseverant, intelligent, and sensitive to their surroundings. You have to be a quick thinker when you are around Virgo children. Also Virgo children tend to be cleaner than other children and dislike clutter and mess but when it comes to food you may have a picky eater to deal with. You will be amazed at what a genius your Virgo baby is! Stimulate her mind and you have a happy child in your hands.

Ruler - Mercury

Element - Earth

Birthstone - Sapphire

Lucky color - Violet

Sign: Libra, The Scales

Sept 23 - Oct 23

Harmonious children, who love their friends, the Libran kid tends to be creative and imaginative. The Libran child loves beauty, colors, music and the arts. They are so proper, you are likely to find the typical Libra child listening to music in her room then messing around in a sandbox. They love company and enjoy group activities. It is common for Libran children to have imaginary friends as toddlers. Libran children are known for their sense of fair play - they learn to share before other children do. They love watching people and even as children they try their best to understand human nature and the workings of interrelationships. Often they become peace negotiators in a situation since they are tactful and good listeners. Give your Libran kid an artistic surrounding and an education in the arts and watch them bloom. They are extremely sensitive and react negatively if shouted at. These little beings are blessed with a sweet and kind disposition.

Ruler - Venus

Element - Air

Birthstone - Opal

Lucky color - Yellow

Sign: Scorpio, The Scorpion

Oct 24 - Nov 21

Powerful personalities, these babies are inclined towards mysteries and puzzles from young. They prefer scientific toys and games which allows them to exercise their analytical minds and direct their creative potential. Scorpio children are known for their intense natures and even as kids they have the talent to see beyond illusion. Scorpion children are very magnetic and also secretive. They possess great energy and force and it is important to channelize that energy constructively. They flare up easily and care must be taken to bring that temper under control. These children must be encouraged to mix with other children, particularly those with personalities that match theirs. Your Scorpio child is very bright - he needs plenty of books around him. While they may not exhibit emotions openly they are very loyal to family and friends.

Ruler - Mars

Element - Water

Birthstone - Topaz

Lucky color - Red

Sign: Sagittarius, The Archer

Nov 22 - Dec 21

Optimistic, vivacious your Sagittarian child loves being the center of attention. Sagittarius children are explorative by nature and adapt as easily to new environments. They are insightful and expect fair treatment at all times, never mind if they lack the tact for it. These children are high spirited and must have plenty of outlets to divert the energy. They can be possessive about family and friends and display generous impulses towards them. Freedom of speech is important to them - they tend to have impressions and opinions on just about everything. They can come across as terribly rude kids and they need to be thought to tone it down. They love the arts and are inclined to sports but their highly intellectual abilities allow them to excel academically too. An adventurer at heart, your Sagittarius child needs plenty of stimulation. These little tots are very affectionate, warm and loyal with those they deem important.

Ruler - Mars

Element - Fire

Birthstone - Turquoise

Lucky color - Purple

Sign: Capricorn, The Goat

Dec 22 - Jan 19

Quiet and practical children with serious ambition and a drive to succeed, they pay little attention to frivolity. They are reward-oriented and planners from a young age. They care a great deal what others think of them. Capricorn tots need constant reassurances and extra attention from the beginning. Yet these kids seem mature beyond their years - from a very young age they know what they want. They like toys that allow them to build things. As a parent you will find it easy to relate to these warm-hearted and very bright kids. They are responsible and make wonderful older siblings. Hardworking they tend to be single-minded when it comes to personal pursuits. As a parent you may also have to teach them to lighten up else they can slip into being rigid, predictable and adult-like in their ways. Teach them to loosen up, be silly and goof around, and they can be a lot of fun.

Ruler - Saturn

Element - Earth

Birthstone - Garnet

Lucky color - Deep purple

Sign: Aquarius, The Water Carrier

Jan 20 - Feb 18

Bright, charming and generous, these children love anything that's new or different and get bored easily. These freedom-loving babies need plenty of space to bloom and grow. Get them plenty of toys regularly and allow ample room to crawl and explore. Extroverts, they have plenty of friends but yet they don't mind spending time alone. But when wronged the gregarious tot won't hesitate to oust her friend from the sandbox. Aquarian children are not followers although they get along well with their peers. Strong believers, they can be very stubborn when defending their beliefs. Freedom of speech is important and it is necessary for their views to be heard. Aquarian children like people and want to be liked in return. They like diversity in everything from friends to foods and wouldn't mind trying new things. They need space to express their individuality and when this is cramped they become rebellious and moody. Give them room and these social angels will more than surprise you with their brilliance.

Ruler - Uranus

Element - Air

Birthstone - Amethyst

Lucky color - Light Blue

Sign: Pisces, The Fish

Feb 19 - March 20

Pisces babies are sensitive little souls who get upset in noisy, negative surroundings. Little dreamers, pieces kids love to gaze into empty space a lot of times, weaving dreams. They are also gifted with keen imagination that often takes flight. Pisces children are incredibly tender and compassionate - they need extra love and affection to blossom. Extremely inventive and sensitive, they need a lot of quiet time to themselves. Gullible by nature you as a parent will need to step in sometimes. Your Pisces baby loves to be cuddled and needs to be encouraged more than most other signs. Pisces children believe more in fantasies and you will need to ground him in reality at times. They are sympathetic, loyal and affectionate little people. Dual in nature: one fish swimming against the current fighting the odds and the other drifting along with the current typifies the fish. Your little fish adores water - offer him plenty of water toys. These imaginative children love to daydream making it hard to keep their attention.

Ruler - Neptune

Element - Water

Birthstone - Bloodstone

Lucky color - Deep purple

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