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Your Baby's Nails

Some babies are born with long nails while others with short ones which grow rather quickly. Since babies have the tendency to rub their faces and scratch themselves you will have to make sure their nails are kept short enough to prevent such episodes. This will mean trimming them at least once a week. This also means nervous parents out there wondering how to do it when a baby is very tiny.

Some mothers peel off the nails which are very soft in the early months with their own
fingernails, or bite them off. Others wear socks or mittens over their hands.

Once the nails harden then it is time to trim them. Nail trimming requires practice. The more you do it the more confident you become. You are comfortable your baby is comfortable. A nervous mother will make her baby nervous.

Some suggestions to help you along:

• Use nail clippers designed for babies, as they come with a rounded tip. Use safety scissors or blunt nosed baby scissors, if you prefer.

• Try trimming your infant's nails after a bath when they are the softest.

• Trim your baby's nails when he is asleep

• Try and cut the fingernails round to prevent scratches. Trim toenails straight so that you don't have ingrown nails

• Press the finger pad down and out of the way to prevent nipping the skin as you clip

• Take breaks – you don't have to do all the nails in one session. If your baby is fidgety do the rest a little later

• Sing a song or talk with your baby to serve as a distraction so that he is watching you and not what you are doing.

• Have someone distract and entertain your baby while you snip

• Try trimming when your baby's strapped to the car-seat.

• Enlist the help of an 'expert friend or relative' till you are more comfortable doing your baby's nails.

• Don’t panic if you nip the skin. Take a tissue or gauze and press firmly until the bleeding subsides. The skin will heal itself

What about Toenails?

Toenails don't grow as fast nor do use them to scratch themselves. Trimming them as frequently is not a must. Some babies have ticklish feet which will need to be held down as you clip. Toenails unlike fingernails need to be cut straight across to prevent ingrown nails. Like fingernails they are best cut after a bath when they are more manageable.

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