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Promoting manipulation with your toddler

Promoting manipulation

• Show her how to unscrew lids, thread things on string or lace, pour water, turn pages, rip paper and so on.

• Teach her how to do things herself such as using a spoon and taking her socks off.

• Provide her with building blocks and stacking toys

• Work at puzzles, drawing and painting together using a variety of pens, crayons and brushes.

Intellectual Development

Also known as cognitive or mental development, this area includes the mastery of communication skills, speech in particular, using imagination; remembering things, learning new skills such as reading, drawing and counting and so on. You care promote your child's intellectual development in a number of ways:


• Always look at your child when talking to her and use short, simple sentences.

• Listen to her when she is talking

• Encourage her to pretend play with her doll or teddy to help her develop her linguistic and creative development.

• When you are out with your child describe things to her; for example "there is a big car", "there is a white cat in the park'.

• Look at books with your child and point out what the characters are doing.

• Expand on what your child says. For example, if he says "banana" tell him: "bananas are good to eat".

Color knowledge

• Teach your child about colors when doing housework. For example, tell her you are "vacuuming a red carpet" or "scrubbing the white basin" or "cooking in a black pot".

• When dressing him, tell him the color of his shirt or jeans or socks or shoes.

• Tell her about the colors outside - the blue sky, the dog is black, the green grass, the red and pink flowers and so on.

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