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Pregnancy Trivia

  • Healthiest babies are born to women who gain at least 35 pounds during pregnancy. [National Academy of Sciences ]
  • The average pregnant woman gains 22 pounds. She loses 13.5 within an hour after delivery. Another 3.5 is lost during the next 12 days. And six weeks later she weighs 17.75 pounds less than she did at the start of labor.
  • Children conceived during cool months average slightly higher on IQ tests than those conceived during warm months.
  • The saline content of amniotic fluid is the same as the oceans.
  • The skin of an unborn baby, if cut by a surgical incision, heals without a scar.
  • Unborn babies dream.
  • Expectant mothers who go through morning sickness earlier on in pregnancy are less likely to give birth prematurely.
  • A woman over age 40 is 128 percent more likely to bear a left-handed child.
  • A woman is more susceptible to sunburn during pregnancy than at other times.
  • Pregnant women who take vitamin B-6 don't suffer from morning sickness.
  • Couples are more likely to expand their family if they have only girls.

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